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To Build Mental Strength & Reclaim Your Personal Power so that you're capable of operating at Peak Performance (regardless of what Life Throws at You).

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Imagine being the BUILDER of your own Personal Metaverse?

One where you can break free from the cycle of limitations, insecurity & chaos.

Imagine FINALLY Being Mentally, Physically & Emotionally Healthy & Strong 'AF' !?!?!

It's 100% possible to clear the slate.

It's TIME to build a NEW SELF without the chains of your past holding you down.

This is your TIME to CLAIM a new normal and build a solid framework for years to come.


In the Ultimate Achievers Academy, you'll learn the Fundamental Habits, Daily Routines & Rituals and the mindset required that will teach you how to become your Greatest Asset vs. your Greatest Liability.

It's your time to build a solid pathway for your self.  One guided with the tools to teach you how to implement your big ideas and dreams on a practical level.



Gabbie Firello

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Maybe you're exhausted of feeling like success is out of reach, and you're constantly being knocked down by external forces you can't control? (I think we all have recently, right?)

I've got some good news :)

It's 💯 possible to clear the slate. To build a NEW Self without the chains of your past.

Today is your big break, the new opportunity for growth that you've been waiting on, the day to be better, do better and execute on who you want to BE and what you need to do to feel fulfilled, happy and winning in life.

One of my mentors in yoga said "Stop waiting for something bad to happen to you to finally do something good for yourself." (There's so much knowledge dropped in yoga.)

Having the right resources to make your life easier when it's feeling heavy is the best relief in the world.​​​​​​​​

I might feel like you're stuck 'AF' now, but... 

Know THIS:  "The only way OUT is THRU."

In order to create liberation within self it requires a self discipline, a daily follow through and a sacred commitment to you.

It's taking that part of you that is craving growth and expansion so you can reach new levels of freedom, and combining it with a PROVEN SYSTEM that actually makes it not just doable, but LIFE CHANGING.



This is YOUR invitation to break the cycle and find that next level of freedom NOW.


The TRUTH is, you'll never be happy and you'll never be satisfied with yourself until you REACH & ACHIEVE Your REAL GOALS.

(I'm not talking about the "backup" -aka settlement goals-, you somewhere convinced yourself into believing after the 99th fail).


The Ultimate Achievers Academy teaches you to lay a foundation of consistency so that all those #soulgoals you've set are built on solid ground so you don't just crumble after the initial excitement wears off.


Leticia Reyna

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Ultimate Achievers Academy

BUILD the NEW, commit to your higher self, and follow through on your goals and dreams even though you are uncomfortable, today is your day to heal, grow and expand to those Next Level Moves with a Community of High-Performance Achievers (or others who wanna learn how to BECOME ONE). 

Why did I create Ultimate Achievers Academy?

In case you’ve made it this far, but we haven’t “met” yet, Hi! I’m Tanya.

I’m an Executive Coach for High End Achievers.

But my life hasn't always been happiness and success.

I came from a space of addiction, suicidal thoughts, and heavy anxiety and depression. I was 60 pounds overweight, with low confidence and no support system in place. 

My life was at its lowest point, and I didn't know if I even wanted to be here anymore.

Then the thought popped into my mind... If I could choose to die, then I could also choose to LIVE ON PURPOSE.

I realized then, that if I wanted to create an extraordinary life, I first had to create an extraordinary self.

I had to find the greatness within me in order to extend that greatness into everything else that I chose to do in this lifetime.

Using what I’ve learned from coaching and helping hundreds of people for 18 years, I’ve packaged my exact step-by-step process.

Ultimate Achievers Academy is a world-class program that covers it all.

After having my schedule booked out with 1-on-1 clients, I still had so many people asking to work with me. 

  • I created this exclusive group that allows me to serve more people while still maintaining a hands-on approach to coaching you and other like minded people to extraordinary levels in Business, MindSET & Overall Life. 
  • I also wanted to create a real, raw and authentic safe space for people to truly grow regardless of their past (learning how to release the judgement, shame, guilt and resentment with self and also others). 

So what exactly IS the Ultimate Achievers Academy anyway?

Ultimate Achievers Academy is a monthly program that guides High-End Achievers through my proven step-by-step systems for long-term growth and transformation. 

A few of the most painful parts of getting to the next level in all areas of life are: wasting time, not knowing how to sustain our growth and having to do it alone, but...

I LOVE Healthy Speed & fast tracking my clients, we cover all and any blocks that prevent long term transformation and a forward movement mindset, we have each other. 

This community was BUILT to BUILD.

Not only do we provide you with all the Power Tools to teach you how to be self sufficient, but we also build each other up together through out the journey. 

Weekly Coaching Calls

I will present new lessons and answer each and every one of your questions. (And you can pre-submit questions, so even if you can’t make it live we’ve got you covered!)

Exclusive Community

An intimate and private Facebook community with myself, my team, and High-End Achievers who are on the exact same journey as you.

New Content Each Month

Access a new course each month from my proven system.

Here are just SOME of the upcoming topics we will be diving into TOGETHER:

  • Productivity - learn to finally get Sh** done instead of procrastinating!
  • Goal Setting - Most people are setting goals totally wrong. Learn the formula for setting goals you can actually execute without resistance.
  • How to Time Audit so you never have to compromise YOU within your Busy Schedule - this isn't about fluffy self-care like bubble baths and pedicures (though they're awesome too). This is about creating a self-care plan that ensure your greatest asset (yourself!) is running like a well-oiled machine instead of creaking from overuse and no maintenance.

When you implement my proven systems you go... 


  • Having more than 12 tabs open right now
  • Being scatterbrained and overwhelmed
  • Feeling heavy with NO energy
  • Feeling conflicted and stuck in a negative cycle of inner dialogue
  • Ready to say “F* it... I’m just going to watch some reality TV and not deal with life right now." 


  • structure
  • mental stablility and security
  • vitality and a ton more energy to execute daily tasks
  • increased work performance
  • more connection to yourself and to friends/family
  • peace of mind

Joey Vigil

After working with Tanya my life will never be the same. She was the missing piece so I could get to the next level not just in business, but also spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. She saved me from having to go from healing and spiritual book to book or seminar to seminar to learn about all the exercises and tools she has given me.

Chris Munguia

Before joining Tanya’s goal setting work shop, I was feeling stuck and distracted from my business goals. A major breakthrough happened when I realized I don’t even show up for myself like I should. I’ve gained a variety of tools to help me manage my emotions, keep focused on my goals and face challenges.

Caitlin Flynn

By working with Tanya I was able to get unstuck. By working with her I was able to accomplish a lot things I had on my vision board... Working with Tanya was one of the best decisions I made, and it's really setting me up for success this year.

It is time to make a choice.

Either you can keep on going it alone without support, without new skills, without the systems needed to make REAL change sustainable.


You can use my step-by-step lessons to grow each and every month so you can make the leap to the pinnacle of your career, business, & life.

Think about where you are choosing to be...

Three months from now... you can already feel yourself becoming Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically strong so you FEEL and SHOW UP as yourself every.single.day.

Six months from now... no only are you feeling like a rockstar, but you have seen countless tangible results, from finally hitting 5-figure or 6-figure months to healthier relationships with others and yourself to feeling PEACE when you wake up feeling excited about the day and going to bed knowing you accomplished what you chose to.

One year from now... 

Five years from now... do you want to look back at waisting a huge chunk of your life continuing to be stuck? Or look back on who you are now and see the building blocks of the high-rise skyscraper you are building for yourself. (a beach house would be nice too though...)

>>>I'm ready. Let's GROOOW together.<<<